Yesterday (Wednesday 20 Apr) was one of those ‘down’ days again. Everything was slow moving, toturous & dreaded …. And extremely heavy room all the way from noon to evening (thus getting drenched in the process) didn’t help matters too!

It is bad when you struggle through even simple work like paperwork .. and even a short workout as well (left toe hurt a bit) .. Hence truly not my day!

Remember that I blogged about this client/friend that was a lil’ ‘tricky’ to deal with? At the time of writing, whilst happy to report that some progress has been made, but due to some reasons, xx got grumpy and threw a bit of tantrum 😦 ……

While ‘objections’ are normal, and constitute part and parcel of everyday work/life …… I guess the fundamental root of frustration with regards to this case stems from the fact that friend is somewhat still not able to face up to his/her problem due to ‘ego’ issues. Thinking aback, I’m more than sure that this situation would’ve been avoided, and time would not have been wasted if he/she had dilligently done up the all-important cash flow statement. Hence, very simply, it is actually a very simple solution to what seems like a complex problem – all he/she needed to do is to go back to the fundamentals, which in this case is analysing the cash flow statement.

I guess the sudden tantrum just added on to everything and made everything felt like sh*t …… oh well ……… It surely sucks to feel like this ……


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