Feeling Down ……

Short work weeks (due to the spate of Public Holidays) + un-necessary and un-called events putting an unwelcome spanner in my plans ……

Laptop problems AGAIN at a most inopportune timing. Just went down to Acer Service Centre at IBP (Jurong East) to drop it off for servicing (this will be the 3rd time in 3 years!). Could not boot up the laptop yesterday afternoon in office, and promptly spent the next 1 hour troubleshooting the problem over phone (with the assistance of Acer Technical hotline) ……

Fast foward a bit, just now when I was at Acer Service Centre itself (another long story – due to traffic jam along West Coast, could not reach IBP by 745pm), apparently the laptop could finally boot up and unhibernated itself whilst battery was plugged in! WTH seriously! In this case, I could have used the morning to quickly do my back-up before dropping it off at the service centre. Am not happy with the fact that I am wasting so much time being bumped around left right centre over a simple IT hardware problem as time is money!

Not to mention also that laptop being down is a unnecessary hindrance as I had a case submission to deal with this week + the plan was to run full steam on the Eldershield campaign (thanks to another stupid instance that is none of my problem, I have got to send out a follow up email and this laptop thing has to happen!) ……

All in all, this just shows how over-reliant we have become on technology. Now I have just got to adapt and make best of the situation as this is the final lap of production year! Cannot lose sight of my goals!!

Ending off here ….. taking the evening off work/workout (Originally planned to do my outdoor run tonight) to head to the final round of election rallies!!


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