Listening …

A quick blog b4 I leave the office.

One very fundamental skill necessary in the course of my work is the skill of LISTENING.

Will not go too much into details on the concept and importance of listening since this is meant to be a short quick entry. Just that earlier in the afternoon,I had an unpleasant instance where I was trying to get the outstanding papework quickly done when phone call came in. It was already a bad timing (as filling in the application form requires concentration, medical details CANNOT be filled in wrongly). What’s worse is that friend had to keep interrupting me and drum home her point of view – more accurately saying, it is to apply pressure and ‘coerce’ me when its something that is important but not urgent to begin with.

Naturally, I got a bit worked up over the phone and sorta raised my voice (although colleague did reassure me that I wasn’t scolding/fierce or anything) – and ‘hammered’ home my stand that yes, it is important to attend to her request (or rather what we have agreed on) but due to circumstances, I would need to reschedule to another date (June) – which is why I put it as ‘important but not urgent’ …. and before I could finish, she starts pressing when when (i.e. the date?). So in the end, I cut the conversation. Felt a bit mean and hence sent a follow up SMS to clarify (which I hope will do the trick).

My point here is that whilst this item is indeed important, and will have to be settled. However the justification she used was not exactly a strong one to begin with (Erm you can’t be commiting to something on a whim, and then later tell me I have to be responsible for it right?) ……and come on, there are more important matters that I needed to focus on at that particular point in time, like for instance ensuring that manager signs off case so that it reaches the insurer in time to underwrite and for my client to get a medical appointment). Also, I felt that she has no respect for my working style when she kept bringing up the point ‘but so-and-so does it this way’ (to ‘coerce’ me once agian) – when I was trying to explain nicely at first that I have MY own style of doing things, and in fact, because she wants it ‘her way’, I got to take more time!

Actually it could have been a simple conversation if she had just tried to listen! On my part, on hindsight, I should have declined to go further into the convo since I urgently needed to get the paperwork done (after the delay due to laptop situation). This brings home the point on why listening is so important! (Yes, it is also a carry-over effect from the just concluded General Elections which I’ll blog about shortly) ….

And of course, coming across the article below inspired me to write this, which I think is God’s way of helping me to pull me out of my blogging rut! Hehe


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