Some KPop Comeback Tibits

Have been back catching up on some of the current KPop action now that elections fever has officially subsided.

Started getting into the music side of the Korean Wave i.e. KPop from around 2006 …… and some household names were DBSK, Rain (Bi), Se7en ……

Fast foward some 5 years later (we are now in 2011), the KPop scene today is one that is heavily boyband/girlband dominated as versus to big solo-ists like Rain & Se7en (sad to say, their popularity has dropped quite a bit) …… And KPop is really big in Asia and maybe globally these days as well – the number of KPop acts coming to Singapore itself is good enough evidence.

Anyway back to main subect matter. Wanted to blog about some of the recent comebacks that I’ve been ‘following’ for the past 1+ week ……

Girl Groups vs Solo-ists

I’m quite impressed by SISTAR19 (a sub-group unit of SISTAR). SISTAR is pretty new (some may not have heard of them) but based on this sub-group’s single, they are really talented with great pipes and I love their energy on stage. Not to mention the chair dance is both cute & sexy as well. Love the R&B-ness of this single as well ……

SISTAR19 – Ma Boy

** The fanboy chants are quite *lol* as well 🙂

After School will probably be more known to some. I don’t really follow them, but I vaguely know they operate with a Morning Musume type of concept – big group of 10, then sub-group projects, graduation system etc. …… I think vocally they are not the most talented but their tap dancing routine rocks + Shampoo is probably the very radio friendly type song that is nice to have in the background when you are doing something.

After School – Let’s Step Up & Shampoo (Comeback)

** Btw I picked this performance because I thought the white rompers were the best outfits that they had in their comeback so far. Heh

And now to a solo-ist. I believe SS501 is a group that will be pretty known to most KPop fans, particularly Kim Hyun Joong who is the leader and has acted in Boys Over Flowers and Playful Kiss. From the 1-2 songs on Boys Over Flowers OST that were sung by SS501, to be honest, I didn’t think much of their vocal ability. And aside from Hyun Joong, I knew none of the other members as well 😛

Until I heard Heo Young Saeng’s comeback as a solo-ist (as SS501 have kind of separated into different companies and doing solo activities now). I didn’t know he was actually SS501’s main vocal and a pretty good one as well only until hearing his comeback single.

Heo Young Saeng – Let It Go

** He so nearly won in Music Bank’s K-Chart but I guess he is weaker in terms of digital presence and marketing. But still a great effort! Btw I think the girl in the performance (not original rapper) is pretty ugly. No offense.

Oh yeah, there is still BEAST/B2ST’s comeback but I’ll save that for my next KPop entry.

Have a happy Sunday!


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