KPop Songs For A Rainy Day

Meant to post this a few weeks back but other stuff ‘regrettably’ got in the way. Until I got ‘reminded’ of it when sitting down at the computer doing random surfing and listening to KPop on youtube 😛

OK, I was at Toms & Toms Cafe @ Icon Village (Tanjong Pagar area) for an appointment on a rainy Wednesday afternoon (think early June) and whilst waiting for client (who was grossly late!) …… was doing work on laptop and had the inspiration to listen to this song ……

BEAST – On Rainy Days (Live)

This is the 1st single that was released first as a digital single before their official 1st full-length album dropped for their comeback this past 1 month. Since it was a song recorded on a rainy day, I suppose it would sound the best when played on a rainy day – and boy, it sure adds to the mood on a rainy day. (Note: It is already a very good ballad to begin with, and doing well digitally in Korea despite it not being BEAST’s main title track).

Not long after I accessed the song on youtube, the screen in Toms & Toms (that supplies the music for the entire cafe) played this song as well 🙂

The second song that I accessed to next on youtube is …….

BIG BANG – Love Song

BIG BANG was probably the KPop group that got me back into KPop since late last year. Felt that they offered something refreshingly different to the typical boyband out there (which I term to be young kids starting from 88′ onwards, beastly image ala 2PM or trying to be beastly, and after all while, everyone starts to repeat the same concept) in terms of image and musicality, plus the fact that their stage performances tend to be less choreographed.

Anyway back to the song, I guess the greyness of the entire MV + the shades of rock music in the song make it apt for a rainy day as well!

Some ranting here, I also felt Love Song was a much superior track to Tonight, and it should have been the title track instead! And YG should’ve just released a full album right from the start given that BIG BANG were not doing promotions in Korea for 2 years – rather than doing a mini-album (even so, there are recycled tracks!) and trolling fans later with a 4.5 repack (which has the superior tracks in Love Song and Stupid Liar). It can be pretty self-serving and hypocritical to put yourself (or your company and artists) on a pedestal saying you stand for certain values, only to follow suit on what your competitors are doing by releasing a repack album after a mini to ‘rip’ fans $$$.

Rants aside (have plenty more to dissect and comment on YG based on what I’ve been reading off various sites, but not going into an essay here anyway) …… the fact remains that Love Song is my favourite and in my opinon the best song of their comeback despite having a rushed repack and short promotion. Their next comeback looks like a long time away now given Daesung’s traffic accident 😦


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