Weekly Photo Post + New Blog Theme

As tweeted minutes earlier, WAS intending to upload a picture (inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge on The Daily Post) but ended up changing my blog theme instead ……

Chanced upon the Twenty Eleven theme (was looking at the Delicious Magazine theme initially but that will cost me $65, arghh) and thought, why not? Its time to upgrade from my original Twenty Ten theme to this current one as I like the cleaner look and fonts + we are already halfway into year 2011 ……

The only thing is that I am unable to customize the header image as of now as I wanted to use back the original photo of the Hong Kong Harbour View. Never mind, will figure it out slowly ……

Before I forget, my original intention is to do a weekly photo post right? It is a great idea as

1.  Pictures speak a thousand words

2.  Can substitute for an entry when I have nil inspiration/lazy to blog at least once a week

Whilst browsing through my iPhone pictures taken this week itself, I do not have anything that represents the theme ‘Worn’. However given that majority of my iPhone pictures are food-related (for blogging & tweeting conveniences), below is a photo collage of my favourite pasta that satisfied my pasta craving in the week itself 🙂

Mouth watering huh? Keke ….. The above pastas – Carborana on Mon evening (finally got a chance to try a Carborana pasta with egg yolk on top) and Scampi (crayfish + crabstick + prawn in tomato cream sauce) on Fri evening are from one of my favourite pasta places – D’Pasza at Raffles City Food Junction Foodcourt. Highly recommended if you would like a hot piping pasta that is value for money as well!


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