City Hunter

Eating my Nissin cup noodle & catching up on City Hunter at the same time.

Once again, I have sucumbed to a very bad habit of reading spoilers from Dramabeans and started on a new drama – Lee Min Ho’s City Hunter (currently showing on SBS in Korea …… and coming soon on Starhub Ch823 ONE Channel) ……

As blogged here at the beginning of this year, was watching Dream High both concurrently online and on KBS World (back-dated episodes). The next drama which I’ve caught on (not blogged here though) was 49 Days – which is very different in tone to Dream High as it is a more contemplative story on life and afterlife. Thanks to the election fever (early May) and a ton of other stuff + spoilers on Dramabeans, I have been slowly and swimmingly finishing up 49 Days thanks to ONE channel’s 2 episodes a week!

So I need a fresh new drama to bring some much needed motivation (in the sense its something to look foward to after a long day at work) + also something to ‘indulge’ in as I came down with sore throat and flu and needed some eye candy distraction whilst resting over the weekend. Hence City Hunter after dripping saliva from all the spoilers! And of course Lee Min Ho to fangirl over all over again! (Recall the days when I did my CFP module 1 with watching Boys Over Flowers on the side :P) ……

Am up to Episode 4 at the time of writing. I must say, Lee Min Ho is back to top form post Boys Over Flowers. Yeah, he did have Personal Taste out last year and which I blogged about here, but I gave that show up after 3 episodes due to the slow streaming + ‘unengaging’ storyline (IMO). Anyway Yoon Sung in City Hunter is a definite upgrade and improvement (character structure and acting wise) over Boys Over Flowers (his first lead role) and Personal Taste.

I like the fact that they are not sticking to the original City Hunter manga storyline which has been remade by Jackie Chan previously and instead creatively put in some Korean sensibilities to make it uniquely Korean – particularly on war and political intrigue. The story is set up well – plot set-up wise, relationships wise (romantic storylines, sub relationships notably Yoon Sung and ahjussi who is such a loyal supporter and source of comfort), cinemagraphy and visual wise etc.

And of course, acting-wise, Lee Min Ho is a stud! Apart from having the looks, and looking real damn hot in this and oozing charisma, this role is definitely interesting as he brings a touch of humanity and vulnerability to Yoon Sung who is orginally meant to be a revenge seeking machine (with blood and no tears approach). An instance of this is that he sticks to his stand of no killing unlike his adopted daddy’s hardcore stance. And of course, which fangirl won’t swoon over the romantic chemistry that he has with the lucky girl – Park Min Young …..

Speaking of adopted daddy, I am glad that the veteran actor playing him finally gets to play a bad-ass character after being an adulterous husband/normal ahjussi in many dramas. As with 2nd male lead, the prosecutor guy is hot as well, has a nice personality as well, and probably has a righteous character (sign of relief that he’s not the typical baddie as in with 2nd male leads at times) – but am sure he’s not going to get the girl unless the script-writer decides to make a bizzare turn …..

Drama is up live at half-way point (episode 10) ….. looks like story will start to take its turning point admist more twists and turns! Am Anticipating and chasing this live right to the very end!


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