Fulfilled Saturday ….

Was in a state of f**k for the entire Friday ….. and need to badly fix that!

Hence decided that I need some CHANGES, one of them being a style overhaul – starting with my hair. Time for a hairstyle change! Keke ……

Was getting a lil’ tired with black (having had it for the past 2+ years) so a new colour was overdue. Couldn’t slot in a good timing to do it on Friday (called too last minute) hence did it yesterday afternoon …… Here it is:

P/S:  Took this in the Dorothy Perkins changing room …. pretty fail attempt of selca-ing 😛

Trimmed my hair a bit (almost 7 months since the last cut in Dec) + treatment + full head colour this time round. Decided on a cool colour – Ash Metallic Brown …… as versus to my usual brown/red highlights (my last red highlights was done in Sept 2008) as I have never had full brown coloured hair and no more red highlights/coloured hair (was in a red craze in 2007/2008) in view of the colour dripping post 1 month after dye 😛 ….. Me like my new colour, although it seems lighter on the top part of my hair ….. Hehe

Finished at around 430pm and stomach was growling (as could not have a full lunch while rushing to Suntec) ….. decided it was a good day to settle my bibimbap craving 🙂

This is Bibimbap from the Food Republic foodcourt at the convention centre side (stall is called Kim Dae Mun – should be an authentic Korean stall although the workers there were chinese :P). Unlike the usual Bibimbap with an egg … this is actually called Al Bibimbap – the Al is actually fish egg/roe ….. nice twist & yes, its yummy!!

And not forgetting my 1st purchase of GSS (1 month after it started) …… Walked past Jay Park endorsed Denizen (formerly known as Levi’s Signature) …. popped in and got a tee in 15 min time!

Planned to go over to Marina Bay Sands for some jalan jalan but was getting pretty late (5+) after finishing my late lunch-dinner bibimbap …… and so decided to just window shop a bit more around Suntec and Raffles City before boarding the MRT home ……

And weekend means time to catch up on the week’s City Hunter episodes, keke ……. Feels nice and relaxing to just chill while doing my hair …… and feeling refreshed and recharged with a new look and hair colour, and loving it 🙂 ….. All in all, it was a great Saturday spent!


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