Happy With My Lazy Sunday …

It’s rare to be able to have a perfectly lazy Sunday w/o feeling guilty about doing nothing. It was a packed week last week …… Technically only worked 2 days & spent the next 3 days offsite at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) for APLIC.

Got in a workout (Spin Class) on Saturday afternoon & proceeded to sleep through the rest of my Saturday evening sleeping no thanks to the persistent headache from Friday evening :S

So only had Sunday left to catch up on dramas …… And had a great time doing so. Managed about 10 episodes of ‘Ghetto Justice’ aka 怒火街头 since the DVDs are due to be returned by Friday … 6 more episodes to go at the time of writing, heh!

I must say it is a pretty nice change of scenery to watch a HK drama as I somehow need a break from my lately staple of KDrama & KPop …… Speaking of which, City Hunter has ended it’s run in Korea last Thursday. Squeezed in 20min of Ep19 b4 bedtime ….. That makes my Sunday as an intensive drama catch-up day, heh!

As a result of last week’s APLIC (which deserves a separate entry by itself …… Hopefully I get down to actually blogging about it), I now have a very good problem of having too many books and motivational materials to tap on – an irony given that I ended up spending $30+ on ‘The Secret’ the previous week due to feeling slightly ‘desparate’ ……

As tweeted yesterday, I actually got my 1st Chinese motivational book (shared 3 books w/ N) …… And so, my new challenge now is to juggle reading these 2 books (switching btw English & Chinese) in my free time 😛



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