Friday Thoughts Part 1: Pain Is Temporary ….

Was officially ‘resting’ & DVD-ing after my wisdom tooth extraction yesterday noon, and so ended up not touching my blog, work on my emails, my inventory list, and work on my reading notes as originally intended as I didn’t really feel like looking at the laptop (and yet indulged in super junior videos on YouTube) 😛 ….. Action not congruent w/ thoughts huh ……

Anyway I did promise myself that I’ll block off the entire Thursday to rest so need not feel too beat up / guilty over it. And so just caught up the usual dramas (Am finishing up the 真相 DVD soon … Will go back to City Hunter finale after this round of ‘dim sum’) …. FB games … as mentioned YouTube-ing KPop videos ……

Back to subject proper. As mentioned some time back, I have paid a visit to the dentist, and subsequently scheduled a wisdom tooth extraction surgery – that was yesterday noon (11th Aug). Immediate problem was the tooth on left side of mouth as the top left tooth is decayed (due to accumulated bacteria), and the bacteria has spread to the left upper molar as well …. Which means the upper molar has got to be pulled out as well due to decay 😦

Plus the lower left wisdom tooth (halfway inside the gum), it sure was a pretty ‘bloody’ extraction.

(*edit* decided not upload the picture due to a uploading error + spare you guys the digusting sight )

Despite quite a bit of bleeding of the left gum post surgery, to my surprise, it was actually less painful than I thought of it to be. as the 3 tooth were extracted in about 1/2 hr without any major pain (I would think the anaethesia did the trick) :> …… The only thing I did not like was the ‘grilling’ sound when the gum was cut open (I actually stopped the dentist and asked for ear mufflers, heh) …… So visiting a dentist is NOT that scary after all.

On hindsight, I should have visited the dentist long ago and resolved the problem once and for all instead of dily-dalying due to cost concerns + fear of pain (instinctively I did think it was a wisdom tooth issue due to the sharp edge pain on the upper left, and the regular pattern of toothachne and headachne) …… maybe the decayed left upper molar would have been saved (would be inevitable for bacteria to accumulate as there was a gap between the wisdom tooth and molar) if I got it diagnosed earlier and pulled it out earlier as well. I did ask around friends and associates, generally most people think like me, they will not pull it out unless the pain and complications make it necessary to do so.

So Moral of The Story: Better to solve the problem and get it over once and for all, in order to move on to better things. Many a time, due to various reasons like procrastination, fear, reservations, wrong/mis-guided advice, we tend to put off the issue until it gets serious and needs more drastic correction actions (the decay spreading to the molar is a good analogy in point as it definitely can be avoided if I rectified earlier, but I put it off due to cost and perceived pain). Many colleagues felt that I have lost 1 critical day of production as a result of the day off, but to me its ok – more important to get the problem out of the way, and give myself a clean slate of mind! Worse comes to worse, it is just that bit of pain, which can be controlled/suppressed with a skilful dentist and anaethesia injection. And having experienced it myself, it is actually not that painful lah!

Recovery has been good …. no excessive bleeding …… am able to eat solid food on my right side (although it has to be in smaller pieces) ….. and the antibiotics and painkillers seem to be working as there is no excessive pain save for a bit of swelling and tightness (due to the stiches) …… Am glad that I went ahead with LA (local anaethesia) in the end as it is less disruptive overall to my daily life as versus to if I were to do a GA (general anaethesia) which is faster (all tooth out at once) but will have more disruption (barely any food for 1 week due to pain on both sides) + possible side effects of GA.

I still have the other 2 wisdom tooth on the right that has to be taken out pretty soon (had a pain & swelling after coming back from Cameron) …… Will do that by year end. In the meantime, it is one major item down and I feel a great piece of mind!!


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