TGIF & State Of Mind

Originally meant to date this entry for yesterday (Friday) but ended up having a lazy Friday evening without doing any of the intended – blogging, reading my book, preparing for discussion, working on my work campaigns (exciting plans in store) ……

Hence picking up on this entry while in the midst of a client investment seminar 😛

As blogged in the 1st paragraph, a lot of things remain in the haven’t done / not done list …. I have yet to do any of my 笔记 since tweeted on Wed (very impt to do coz we intend to use some of the ideas for an upcoming campaign & before I pass the book to NH) ….. I did not do enough mileage post wisdom tooth surgery …… Did not generate enough work related activities etc …. The more I go on the more scary it becomes ……

And it doesn’t help when a screwed up sleep cycle has resulted in lack of quality sleep ….. And it is affecting my body, and on my state of mind 😦 ……

One thing I did do is to attend a couple of trainings this week – had a combined branch training on Thurs …. attended a product launch yesterday morning (and heard Theresa Tan in person – which is the main reason why I went) …. and Client Investment Seminar today ……

Speaking of which, one should always count their blessings. I cabbed down to Novotel Clarke Quay on Friday morning, and accidentally left my office access card and ezlink card in the taxi. Taxi driver was ‘smart’ number to call the number on the access card (which is the Gateway office number) and J gave him my contact number before he left my card at the Novotel reception.

Hence in a way, I really thank god Friday was here 😛 …. Has been a while since I have felt this way ….. Busy weekend ahead!


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