Afternoon Entry: Running

A quick post lunch entry in the office ……

Have been pretty slack in my running/training lately ……and even skipped the week (National Day week hols) where I did my wisdom tooth extraction …… Until I came across this article in the Runner’s World email update last week ……

Runner’s World – Get To The Point

This article is a straight-to-the-point, as well as timely reminder that in each and every single training run that we do (irregardless short or long) – there is always a key goal/objective for the day, be it Speed Workouts (short, all out intervals) .. Endurance (long slow runs i.e. LSD) .. Mimic Your Race (aka race pace) ……

Maybe its time to sign up for another race clinic, not so much for the knowledge but more to get the enthusiasum coming back and getting hyped up about running – especially when I have 3 races (1 half marathon, 1 10km trail run, 1 full marathon) to go and training quality has been down down down!!

And of course, to start reading Runner’s World on a more regular basis again ……

Anyway have packed my gym bag this morning …. Am gonna going to stick to my plan of an 1 hour run tonight (my most basic goal for today’s run, heh)!


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