Sunday Evening Dinner By Keppel Bay

Have been lazy with regards to blogging this entire week ….. can’t exactly recall what exactly happened throughout the week (that reminds me, self-awareness journal is still not up after more than 2 months of procrastination and last week’s entry is still in draft mode) ……

To simply recall, I did a pretty intensive Spin Class (it was hill intervals & C played pretty great songs all the way) at the gym yesterday i.e. Saturday afternoon and the legs felt the effect, hence a super early bedtime at 930pm!!

And in return for some help rendered today, got a nice dinner treat at Marina @ Keppel Bay. So suaku, 1st time there 😛 …. Its actually a tiny island/islet where there is a Marina for yachts/speedboats to dock …. and as well as a gym and some chill dining places – notably Prive.

But nope, we had dinner at TCC (on level 2) and not Prive. But we still enjoyed the gorgeous view.  As I haven’t been doing picture posts lately, let the pictures do the talking!

We reached Keppel Bay around 6+ ….. Dawn was setting in. Beautiful yachts/boats at the Marina and on the left, Reflections At Keppel Bay ……

Nice chandiler light in TCC ……

Our main courses – Caesar Salad and My Seafood Aglio Olio pasta. I like the presentation of the salad.

And a trip to TCC is never complete without desserts! The Dark Devotion (i.e. Laval Chocolate Cake with Vanilla ice-cream on the bottom) is not as good as expected though!

And so here sums up my Sunday!



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