Perk Me Up For A Saturday

Had a pretty lousy day yesterday (Friday) – to the extent of nearly bursting into tears in the office (no kidding! Refer to my twitter for the whole chronology of events).

Anyway came across my card notes on this video below

MDRT 2011 – Alvin Lee speaking..Castles Can Fly

I remember coming across this video, listened and tweeted about it some time back in July. When coming across the notes earlier this week, it reminded me to take heart despite that the many challenges and obstacles that I have been facing in the course of my work lately.

Some Key Points/Notes From The Video:

What is PASSION?

RESEARCH – search and search again! (E.g. telling your kid to search and search again for sandcastle)

Compelling Vision (for your business)

Lessons From How To Build Sandcastles In The Air

1)  When people reject your call/idea, don’t take it personal.

2)  When people reject your idea (if it was personal) – go back to lesson 1. (Example: Sad & no heart to tell children about rejection – children as a main motivation why we do what we do in life.)

3)  When people ask you a question – pose another question! (versus telling them the answer)

Our future does not exist until we make it (things) happen – and not wish, dream, hope. Focus on what we have and go from there.

The freshness to see something again and again – just look at things and feel at things, not necessary needing anything new. Go to Mother Nature and get re-energized!

Nothing ever stops – Planning Never Stops!

The most difficult part of building sandcastles – Foundation Stage.

Structure – Our daily habits, rituals need to be built-in. Knowledge is not power until it is applied.

4)  Don’t Spend Too Much Time Remebering What People Say, Remember The Works (e.g. Convert a rude customer)


Simple but very powerful motivators especially when you feel down!


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