Friday Thoughts Part 2: Habits & Change

Am back for my 2nd entry for the day 🙂

Am finally getting down to Part 2 of my Friday Thoughts series from where I last left off – which is almost 1 month ago. Coming off a challenging day at work, time for a blog entry to calm myself down and reflect properly (while unwinding to some dramas on TV) ……

Have been in a sort of epiphany lately ….. And it seems that bad/lousy/challenging Fridays come consecutively. Last Friday, was on the very verge of tears in the office due to some accumulated frustration …. And I nearly teared just now in the office as well due to the ‘lousy’ attitude of a friend/client (the disappointment comes from the fact that said friend was dismissive my well meaning intentions with a ‘I think I know better’ / 自以为是 attitude) ……

Is it the pressure that comes from the pressing need for performance (which goes hand in hand with productivity) ….. while the need to improve productivity comes from the necessity of having to CHANGE HABITS (or rather undo BAD habits and develop GOOD habits) …… And this is where the epiphany comes from – the sudden realization that some things may not have been done right, and changes are necessary if I really want to see progress ……

Realization and the pressing need to do something aside, the main challenge comes from having to overcome and overhaul belief system and the easy way out of falling back into the usual comfort zone (sometimes its just easier/tempting doing the things you usually do then trying to make a real change – something which is challenging to keep up) ……

Having attended the 13th APLIC at Resorts World Sentosa back in July, one key point that struck me deeply is that it is important to ‘force’ oneself to do the things that one may not like (but necessary to do) – until it becomes much easier to do and eventually a good habit that sticks with one!

For me, this ranges from waking up early, getting down to my do morning run and once a week LSD run, recording my daily activities and tracking of production, reading regularly, doing my self-awareness journal daily ……. Sounds easily for some, but it is challenging for me to keep to it on a consistent basis – until it becomes a ingrained habit. The problem with me is that I do it in spades, and not consistently. I need these activities to be consistent and manage my time better in order to see results. After swimming/floating around for the 2nd decade of my life, 已经没有多少个十年了! No more time to waste!

To help myself conquer the bad habit of procrastination, from Monday on, as tweeted, I have started up a self-awareness journal jotting down my daily activities (this is in addition to my Outlook Calendar & Sales Builder booklet & Running/Workout Log & my wallet-sized diary tracking daily expenses) …… Lots of things to write and track huh …… But as recommended b business coaches and a particular financial guru – Normal Levine, the journalling process is an important one as it makes one self-aware …… So one up on building up my self-awareness ……

I have been reading my copy of “The Secret” for the past 2 weeks as part of my daily MRT reading (on the way to work/appointment) ….. Below are a couple of phrases that keep me going despite all the obstacles/challenges ……

There’s another one on waking up each day with gratitude and gratefulness that is very powerful as well – that itself serves as a powerful force to attract good things in your life! Do try waking up with that attitude 🙂

I guess that’s all for now …….

Note: Wrote this on Friday …….and only finished it on the following Thursday morning 😛

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