Very Bad Friday!

Very tough day today!

Had a tension headachne yesterday (after trip to MBS to collect race pack) and could not get much work done. The tension headachne clouded my judgement to such a extent that I ended up leaving my farecard and office pass in the office (Could not go back office to take while OTW to Bugis as I locked myself out. But thank god for the extra facecard in my handphone pouch) ……

And having to deal with a unreasonable client really sets a negative tone to whatever intentions to make Friday a good one. Have complained enough to E & C over whatsapp …… but whatever it is, it is very despicable to tell me the request is ‘very urgent’ where in actual fact the redemption is ‘not that urgent’ because market ain’t going to crash, it is more like you play the ‘urgent’ card just to get what you want, which is not very nice behaviour. In this situation, as it so happened that I have already have commitments over weekend and Monday – hence the earliest I could see client is Tuesday – and client is unhappy because adviser cannot see him/her NOW!

Thinking about it, if not for the fact that I have computer issues (windows hang & 1st system restore not working) + having left my pass in the office + having originally commited to a Saturday appointment (which most likely will not happen now, but that’s another story), maybe there is a good chance for me to catch the client today! But the logical side of the brain tells me not to – why is that so?

* I always work on an appointment basis with 1 day notice. I know some people think advisers should be at their immediate beck & call but IMO, 1 day notice is reasonable as its sufficient time for me to prepare the necessary before meeting. For the record, I do not necessarily demand client has to come to my office, I can travel if necessary so obviously 1 day notice is reasonable right ……

* As much as client is a friend, as this is business and involves somebody’s hard-earned money, it must be treated with strictest care and confidence. The same standards should apply whether is it friends who are clients and/or clients who are referred and/or clients who are originally cold prospects. Just because the client happens to be your friend/relative doesn’t mean that you should always comprimise your rules and guidelines as a professional. Because if you make too many exceptions, I end up short-changing other people who have also placed their trust and faith in my work as well.

* Usually experience tells me by giving in to someone’s stunt once, that someone will assume that it is OK to do it a second time, third time etc. As much as it is very tempting to give in at the 1st time, I know fully well that if you allow yourself to give in once, this person will keep pulling the same stunt over and over again and it becomes a vicious black-hole. This itself is a concern to me.

* In a client-adviser financial advisory relationship, it all fundamentally boils down to trust and confidence. When dealing with money matters, it is a lot more about managing soft facts and expectations rather than cold hard figures and projections. Client insisted that as a client, he/she has the last call to give instruction to adviser to do what he/she wants. While I do not necessarily dis-agree, however as it is people’s money and emotions that we are talking about, as advisers, we want the best for our clients – but wanting the best for them does not mean we have to be order takers (which in certain situations is not necessarily in client’s real best interest).

* As a add-on to the above, the same client quoted me an example where K did the right thing by redeeming the portfolio in June and he/she regrets not doing the same. Personally, I feel it is not a very fair statement because K’s circumstances and goals were very different from that of said person. Secondly, my main concern is that said person is reactive to market news (apparently he/she heard something over CNN and so needs to sell everything like now). End of the day, the newspaper/financial news is NOT your financial adviser! Many of you may do well to take note of this as well. In fact, I find that said person acts like a hyprocrite for he/she gives a different set of advice to the people around him/her.

* Also I have managed expectations many times by telling said person that it is always better to go for online transactions for speed and convience. But this person refuses to use the online portal because he/she doesn’t like it (and not because he/she is computer illiterate). If client had given in by doing a online redemption – I am very assured to be able to deliver the request confidently and quickly without all these backlash. In that sense, this nonsence is a result of personal choice and calling. (But of course, if I do have a client who is IT-illiterate, I have no issue in going back to see the client, just to clarify).

To think this idiot, together with the botched system restore + having to rush back to office to pick up my pass – stressed me up so much that I did not bring my wallet out & I ended up borrowing $$ from J in order to have lunch at 330pm!

In any case, I have decided not to pander to his/her demands (if said person was nicer to me, I would’ve relented a bit to consider seeing her on Monday irregardless of my post marathon recovery. See what happens when you piss people off,they don’t wanna help you). Of course, I did not leave him/her in the lurch lah – told him/her to go to provider direct as it is in fact faster than going through me (where the form still has to go through my head office before reaching provider). Of course, if circumstances allowed me a free Saturday – the appt would have been made already and I won’t be writing this blog entry (of all things, a negative blog to end my blogging hiatus). C says since I have politely excused myself, and in addition, I also typed a SMS apology stating that ‘I am sorry for not being able to meet his/her expectation and have made him/her unhappy’ …… just let the client cool down for now!

In short, after dealing with people like this, one thing that I can confirm is that it is not only it is important to uphold professional ethics and principles,  also Wendy suffers no fools!

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