D-1 to my 2nd marathon!

After I have updated my blog yesterday, mentioned person has the audacity to send me 3 LONG SMS-es (capitalized letters mean that its really long) …… All I have to say is if a person has to resort to long SMSes to prove his/her point rather than thrasing it out in person – it says more about that person and his/her personality and handling of conflicts. To sum it up, when dealing with such difficult people, there is no need to reply in a equally tit for tat manner (if anything it only serves to tell others you are egoistic, get easily defensive and easily provoked) …. I simply kept my cool and replied in 3 sentences! Ha!

Onto happier stuff … in a couple of hours time, I’ll be getting ready to run my 2nd marathon. In the meantime, just resting and bumming around, going online and not doing anything much as need to sleep early and get up at 2am to get ready to take the MRT at 3am to reach the start point at Orchard. Going to check out some kpop videos on YouTube now. Ta da!

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