Boxing Day Clearing

Finally got started on some spring cleaning 1 day after Christmas aka Boxing Day ….

Decided to start off with the bookshelf in bro’s room as I think it has been about 2 years since I cleared that out (most of the time I focus on the storeroom & living room area where my stuff are scattered all over) …..Let the pictures do the talking 😀

The shelf in its originality (took the pic last night/this morning, heh) ……

After sleeping in (recurring theme through the extended holiday weekend :P) till 12-plus … lunch (home cooked curry fishhead :D) … some TV-ing and random surfing, I finally got started working on the shelf at around 4 ……

The shelf being cleared out …..

As I wiped the insides and clear it off dust (accumulated over time) …. decided to take some pics and have some effects from some of the camera apps from my iPhone …… Sidenote – As with the above picture + the following ones, went with WoW Camera app for consistency ….

** Old diaries from year 2005 .. 2006 .. 2008. Was contemplating throwing them away when I looked through it last night but decided to keep it as a record of my past work and for nostaglic reasons.

** Old Music CDs kept in CD folder …. my 1st ever VCD drama – With Love (bought from a NUS bazaar when JDrama was invading our shores in early 2000s) …. And a ziplock bag of all my running medals ……..

** Various financial magazines accumulated over the years. Briefly looked through them and there’s actually a lot of useful articles that is still relevant in 2011/2012 landscape – topics relating to productivity, financial planning, investments etc.

Consolidated all the above pictures into one via Multi-lens app (introduced by TL … very cool app!) ………

Had some fun exploring Leme Leme app as well. Always saw people doing this pane effect but I have never realised that I can do so as well by changing the lens under Camera Settings …. till today that is 😛

** I used to ‘invest’ in FSM magazine for investment related information and articles back in the days when I was with C ….. now at P, we get so many free magazines (as part of corporate sponsorship) but the irony is – too many things to read 😛

Realised there was also a stack of iFAST magazines in storeroom so took them out to consolidate …… and found out I actually have duplicate copies of the same issue (could be leftovers from seminar events etc.) …. So its time to prune!

**  Used the regular leme leme single lens effect …….

Of course not forgetting to take a picture of my 2nd Full Marathon (Stand Chart) finisher’s medal!

Had a coffee post clearing and now finishing up the blog in the comfort of my room!

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