New Year Entry

A blog to begin the new year and before the 1st day of 2012 comes to a close!

To briefly recap the 2nd long weekend to the end of 2011 (keep thinking today is Monday although it is actually a Sunday :P) …… Friday was the last ‘official’ work day of the day where I tried to go in office to clear work somewhat ‘unsuccessfully’ + had mini year end party – lets just say some stuff soured the afternoon and did not end the work day as ideally as I would’ve liked + a ‘shocking’ phone call from a provider while watching KBS Gayo Daejun …… A pretty ‘low’ week after all the busy-ness of the previous week before Christmas if you ask me ……

Skipped the movie outing with the girls on Thurs and ended up spazzing to all the Gayo Daejuns over the long weekend (starting Thursday evening actually with SBS) …. Did some last min shopping @ Jurong Point on last day of 2011 (didn’t get much stuff as there isn’t that much things to buy @ Jurong Point but needed to go Post Office so ended up there in the 1st place) …. If not majority of the long weekend was gym-less yet again as I spent sleeping in + lazing around + doing a bit of packing and throwing here and there (not as productive and focused as the Boxing Day throwing session though :S) ……

Rather than lumping everything into one long entry ….. have decided to break up my 2011 round up series into different entries (based on categories) as I move along with my new year resolutions and my 2012 work plan …… Need to sleep earlier tonight as have a wedding to attend tomorrow morning. That’s all for now!


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