Starting Off Year 2012

Page 4 of 366 ….

Haha this Page x of 366 is a hot twitter trending topic now, and a pretty ingenious way of saying today is the 4th Jan …..

4 days into 2012 so far, decided to blog while on the MRT to see how far I’m getting on into 2012 ….

From where I last left off, attended a wedding on the 2nd and pretty much the entire afternoon was gone and even had to take a nap right into dinner time (the hot afternoon sun makes me sleepy + had less than 6 hours sleep the night before) ….. Was supposed to kick start work with a lunch appointment but think may have slipped client’s mind and so we rescheduled it to Friday – which I was secretly relieved as I don’t feel work ready at all and sort of contemplated postponing it on Mon evening actually …..

Used this downtime to get one 2011 backlog out of the way and yes …. headed to the gym for my 1st workout of year 2012 – finally my 1st workout after 2 weeks+ of physical inactivity after forgetting to slot in spin classes and not making it to the swimming pool for a swim 😛 …… So its one down the list!

Pretty slow week it seems, apart from clearing the backlog carried over from year 2011 (my bad!), decided to use this week to some serious planning, write my new year resolutions (havent got down to doing that yet!) and clear off some packing (only 3 weeks left to CNY). Decided that will start a checklist of things to do to transition and be totally prepared for 2012.


(Note:  Will tick it off as and when and add on more items as it comes to mind)

1. 1st workout of 2012 – Done

2. Haircut / Hair Trim For New Year / CNY – Appt Booked

3. Hair Spa Treatment Before CNY – Appt Booked

4. Register For Sundown Marathon (Half Marathon) – Done

5.  Finish Clearing Storeroom By This Weekend

6.  Clear Up Wabrobe

7.  1-2 New Sets of Clothes For CNY

8.  Shoe Shopping For Work – looking out for 1 pair of heels specifically

9.  Get My Creative MP3 Player Repaired

10.  Back-Up & Restructure My Computer System Again + Create 1 New Log In For Work (by CNY time)

11.  Sort Out Personal Finances & Write My Financial Plan For Year 2012

12.  Write My Year 2012 New Year Resolutions Using The Whole Person Concept As A Model (by this weekend)

13.  Year 2012 Business & Activity Plan, Update Pipeline & Revise Goals (by this weekend)

14.  Clear Up Work Desk & Filing (hope to start this 3rd week Jan, if not after CNY)

15.  Training Plan For Sundown Marathon (start serious training after CNY)

16.  Start Blogging My Year 2011 Round Up Entries After This Entry (by this weekend)


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