2011 Round Up Entry: Music 1 – Concerts

Start of my 2011 round up entries (as per previous blog) ……

Great year of concerts and KPop! 2011 is the year that I got myself back into KPop on a more intensive basis (fuelled in part by the global Hallyu wave that has extended to KPop as well) ….. Youtube aside, got down to spazzing over the weekly music shows and even the year end gayo daejuns / music festivals / awards ceremonies (MAMA held in Singapore on 29 Nov 2011, SBS ..KBS ..MBC Gayo Daejuns respectively) ……

Will start off with Concerts 1st since its a shorter round-up ……

Attended 2 concerts this year, make that 3 if the Singapore e-Awards 2011 were to be included as well. Am very happy that I got to see Jacky Cheung live (childhood dream of mine but couldn’t afford when I was schooling, while I missed the 2007 World Tour) … as well as my 1st ever KPop act – 2PM live. In the earlier stages of Hallyu wave (around 2006 to 2007), I recall that both SE7EN and Rain were the it men of the day, and 4 years on, I finally got to experience SE7EN’s live performance in a most unexpected way – via the E Awards in April. A bit ‘sad’ though that SE7EN has fallen greatly from his peak no thanks to his unsuccessful US venture and bad management decisions that go hand in hand.

Let the pictures do the talking …….

e-Awards show @ Singapore Indoor Stadium. Nice combination of pink and blue lights. Don’t have much photos of the show as Cat bought tickets right on top the gallery.

Opening of Jacky’s World Tour Singapore stop. I went for the 1st night i.e. 27th August. Got better seats i.e. higher category as this was a concert that I always wanted to watch! To sum it up, it was a fantastic 3 hour worthful of power vocals and great showsmanship – together with a interesting program (no guests) and great sound and lightning effects. Audience reaction was slightly ‘cold’ though until the last part where he started singing his classic cantonese hits from the 90s. More pictures below ……..

Very surreal shot. One of my favourite photos!

Touching end to ε¦‚ζžœηˆ±. This is one of the best songs of the concert in a very understated, sweet and no-frills way.

Another of my favourite segment – tribute to Lydia Sum

End of concert galore with fireworks and dancers! Most of the photos are in my FB so am not going to do wholesale recap here πŸ˜›

Got to experience KPop live in person after giving those various KPop combined concerts a miss in the earlier part of the year (yes, including KMW after talking so much about wanting to see Big Bang live) as I deem them to be over-priced and not worth shelling out the cash for ….. 2PM’s Hands Up Asia Tour Singapore Concert was definitely not the cheapeast gig around as well – but at least it is 2 hours of 2PM solely (and not having to share spotlight with other artises) although I thought it was supposed to be 3 hours??

Unfortunately, only have a few pictures and zero videos of the concert as being slightly stingy, only got a terrace seat (still can see the boys but terrible angle for videos and photos) so just enjoyed the concert amongst the hoardes of screaming fangirls which left me almost going deaf (no kidding!) by the time the concert ended at 9+ (a bit too early IMO as mentioned earlier, I was expecting a 3 hour show) …… Noted that its a standard for most KPop concerts to have a T-stage (same applies for MAMA 2011 too!) – thus less seats and more expensive tickets (as compared to Jacky Cheung’s concert which had almost 9K seats) ….. Standard 3 mosh pit areas surrounding the T-stage for fangirls to get up close to their oppas πŸ˜› ….. About the concert itself, vocals were great! Contary to the criticsm levelled on 6theory, the boys are actually more than capable of holding their vocals live while simultaneously dancing at the same time (can’t detect any lip syncing but heard some off pitches ocasionally) …… Most important take-away, as agreed with JT, both the performance and crowd gave a different type of energy (the ‘hot’ type) as opposed to most of the concerts we have been too, heh! So very appropriate that the show kicked off with ‘Hot’ (from Hands Up album) ….. while we ‘put our hands up’ …… hee

That’s all for part 1 now ……….

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