Monday BLUES ……

Decided to log in a quick blog entry before heading out for today’s work (long day in line) ……

Basically it is a recap of Monday (yesterday) that was such a sucky way to start off the week. After a much needed 12 hour sleep to reset my bio-clock in correct order, my Monday back to office was promptly ‘spoilt’ by the absence of my laptop adapter (kept away in storeroom) – which rendered me as good as unproductive in the office! If not for the provider’s session scheduled at 3pm, I would’ve immediately went back home to try & salvage the rest of my planned work day …… Oh well, whatever can go wrong will go wrong …… Subsequently have to wait till 545pm (almost 1/2 hour wait!) before colleague finished using the central PC and I could finally generate a few quotations before leaving office early at 630pm to take advantage of free shuttle service to Bugis MRT.

Dinner @ home (very rare for a Monday) & catching up on some work/preparation after dinner thanks to shennigans of the afternoon ….. definitely unplanned for in a not so pleasant way. What to do ……


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