Friday Night Drinks

A quick photo entry b4 bedtime (early start to the week tmr!) ……

I do not usually go for drinks every Friday, and had originally intended Friday to clear up some work before embarking on the weekend proper …… but after some craziness in the span of 4 hours, N called for drinks and I thought I needed to get away from office and work for a while …….

And viola, just what I needed – a refreshing Corona Extra (with a dash of lime) to drown my ‘sorrows’ in ……

Some Mexican Tapas in the background as N wanted Mexician and we somehow managed to find a Mexican joint in Clarke Quay ….. of course 4 pieces of tapas ain’t filling and we had round 2 @ Tanpopo Deli in Liang Court ……

Of course after the guilty indulgence on Friday, made it for Sat spin despite the dark skies and rain and managed to burn off some calories from the beer 🙂

End of short entry. Time for a face mask b4 Zzzzzz


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