Leap Year 29.02.2012

Came across an article on my twitter feed earlier …. and hence the inspiration for a leap year entry!

Kept having the feeling yesterday (i.e Tuesday) was Wednesday …. Initially I thought it could be because I decided to switch my workout day from my usual Tuesday to Wednesday instead. Turns out it is the leap year effect – which means we get 1 extra day in February once every 4 years 🙂

So what did I do on this extra day of Feb?

Another usual work day for me. Worked a bit later than usual on Tuesday so it was a pretty short afternoon for me in the office. Managed to reschedule one tentative meeting to Friday instead (didn’t feel very prepared) … and used the ‘extra’ time freed up to finish up the comparison (so that can pass to the client on Friday when we meet) …. Cleared table a bit & mailed out policy before heading off to Raffles gym at 7+ for my run (but not before an interesting discussion about some branch matters) ….

Had left my gym bag at Raffles gym earlier in the afternoon before heading for lunch @ Golden Shoe (my theory is if I don’t leave it there, I will end up not heading for my run especially after postponing it from Tuesday) 😛

Finally did my 1st outdoor run in 3 months (longest break ever since my Stand Chart marathon in Dec) along my usual route and boy man, struggled for the full 1/2 hour duration and huffed & puffed most of the time. Lots of work to do to up the ante in my exercise program as my 1st competitive run of the year – 2XU Compression Run on 1st April is exactly in 1 month’s time!

As a result of my lack of fitness, came back home to aching legs and watching DVD and starting up this entry on sis’s iPad b4 heading to bed really soon ………….

P/S: This is the article that I mentioned at the beginning of the entry. It is mainly a personal finance-related article that talks about having 1 more day to clean up the house where finances are concerned. http://www.smartmoney.com/spend/family-money/4-ways-leap-years-save-you-money-1330471112895/?link=SM_hp_ls4e#tabs


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