The Story Of Keep Calm & Carry On

Finally got down to viewing this short clip after 1st seeing it on a friend’s FB profile 🙂

What began as a poster slogan to raise the morale of the British public in WW2 times remains a great motivating slogan till this day in the age of the world wide web, iPads and Skype etc. ….. Of course the revival came about when the owners of Barter Books came across by chance one of the 2 remaining originals of this poster – and thus become an icon of Barter Books (write-up here) ……. And thanks to today’s wired up world, it has gone viral and inspired a copycat spin off, as well as a youtube video and even an iphone app!

The financial and marketing spin off aside, most importantly Keep Calm and Carry On is a enduring slogan that we can use in our everyday life! One of Barter Book’s co-owners Mary Manley sums it all up in essence on her blog entry here ……


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