Weekend Thoughts

Starting up another entry before heading out for Sunday Spin class shortly ……. Thought it might probably be a great idea to pen down some serious thoughts before the week comes to a close!

*edit @ 1145pm*

Gonna get this down before I sleep as didn’t manage to write anything noteworthy earlier in the afternoon (all thanks to my bro who was filming in the house for a school project, feel so restricted even in my own home :P) ……

Activities wise, pretty much the usual – slack, TV, gymed (came back from Sunday spin – always a nice way to end off the week) ….. and yes, finally got my bangs trimmed yesterday afternoon (made an additional trip to town) – which means no more sweeping of hair and un-necessary hair ‘blocking’ my vision, ha!

The most important thing that I wanted to ‘say’ here there are some matters/issues in my life that I need to start taking charge of as versus to being feeling constantly being taken advantage of. For my own good (at the very least), it is high time for me to make a stand on this, and if necessary and need be, stay away from this person for a while.

That’s all for now ……….


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