Its Time To Stand Up For Myself

Last week (or rather 2 Sundays ago), when I was blogging down my thoughts, one of the key resolutions/goals that I had for the week ahead was to make a very conscious effort to stay away from certain people/avoid potentially negative situations (and to a certain extent this was acheived).

After a weekend of peace (and fun with the gang) …… and a extended break yesterday (time of the month + cramps), immediately I have 2 ‘troublesome’ people to deal with via SMS/whatsapp. Client issue was not so problematic to solve, but the 2nd person is a problem (in my view that is) as said person is attempting to take advantage of me once again, sigh

As mentioned to J over whatsapp, I recognize the need to stay away from this person (for time being) as much as possible as my irritation is close to tipping point ….  And after today’s incident, I think it has to be extended longer ……

About to leave office after a very restless day (painkillers taking effect) …… and thus this blog entry (Since I’m leaving my laptop here for once) …. randomly googled something and found this:

How To Deal With People Who Take Advantage Of Your Generousity

Said person does not suck energy unlike some people I know …. but I know I’ve to take some part of responsibility of constantly giving in and pay the price for it. Using the word ‘desperate’ IS definitely a form of guilt tripping and taking advantage of me right?

Whatever it is, I am definitely sick and tired of being taken advantage of and its time to change the situation!


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