Things I Would Like To Do (And REALLY DO) …….

Super long hiatus from my blog, I know 😛

Hence a quick entry here to wipe some dust off, heh …..

Always have a list of To-Do (Things I Want To Do List) that somehow or another, I fail to note down dilligently in my journal, hence putting a note here now ……

(Note: More of short-term/daily nature)

1.  A short workout at the gym tonight + one spin class for the weekend (most likely Sunday)

2.  Find some much needed strength and focus to clear my outstanding backlog of proposal preparation and follow up work

3.  Shopping – didn’t manage to buy any shoes yesterday after travelling all the way to Tiong Bahru & gotten my dinner cause’ mood was spoilt!

4.  Read my book! Still at the same book for a long long time! Would like to finish it up and move on to something new

5.  Get a good lunch! In the mood for some pasta today 😛

That’s all for now! TGIF!!



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