Monday Perk-Me-Up

As with ‘some’ of my Mondays, started off the week being insomniac (2nd time within the week, sigh) and feeling ‘slow’ on the uptake – definitely not the most desirable way to start off the week!

Hence what can be better than some comfort food for a much-needed Monday perk-me-up. Got myself my favourite ‘Hei’ ice-cream from the Awfully Chocolate kiosk @ Raffles City B1 …..

Sinful as it may be, but I always believe a rich chocolate ice-cream is always one of the very best mood lifters out there. What I love about this ‘Hei’ ice-cream (Note: Awfully Chocolate’s unique way of branding their ice-cream) is that it retains their classic dark chocolate flavor that is not too sweet, and yet still maintains their rich-ness unlike some chocolate ice-creams that tend to be more milky than chocolate-y. In Awfully Chocolate’s classic style (as 1st originated with their cakes) – it is just no-frills, good old chocolate all the way!

More importantly, one huge scoop of it is only $3.80 … This is definitely a steal considering that there are many over-priced gelato/ice-cream places popping up these days (now I recall the small scoop of chocolate gelato that I had @ Illuma on Sat that cost me $4.90) …..

Last but not least, a picture in its ‘Hei’ glory ….



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