Catching Up On My Readings

Procrastination at work + the distraction of dramas = hardly reading these days 😛

Have set a weekly goal since 2 weeks ago to spend some of my traveling (MRT time) & also time at home (especially on days when I’m home early) to do some quality reading.

The readings in question – 1 Chinese motivational book (2nd round) that I bought @ APLIC and 1 new product guide. Not to mention a few other books ‘waiting’ on the sidelines to be read …… And to add, another new product guide from yesterday’s launch + a new book I bought on Saturday to add to the list!!

Reading is important because it’s good fodder for the brain & human soul .. especially when reading sales motivational books/materials, it opens up my insights & gives me ideas for my business.

As I’m writing this on my MRT journey (Yes, also lagging with blogging with draft entries not completed) … Have just started flipping said product guide …..


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