Drawing Boundaries

One starts drawing boundaries (with certain people) after pretty much having enough of crap/bullying/abusive/rude behaviour and being tired of being emotionally manipulated time and time again ……

Can’t say that applies for all but at the very least, I admit to adopting such defensive behavour against certain people in this manner – its tiring to be at the receiving end of such manipulative behaviour and be taken advantage of time and time again ….. Its a defence mechanism yes, but look here, I’m human and not a saint who can easily forgive and forget at the turn of the switch …….

On hindsight, if it wakes up the other party concerned to stop treating you like crap and improve on their behavour, its best for everyone right? Will just be firm about it and not feel like a bitch (just because said party attempts to emotionally manipulate you into thinking like that) ……..


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