My Saturday Afternoon

Had a work-related meetup on Sat afternoon with G at Novena Square ….

Generally I do not mind having Sat work appointments as one advantage of meeting clients over weekend is that things tend to be more relaxed as clients/prospects won’t really be in a hurry to rush off (as compared to a weekday) …… But not every Saturday though 😛

Anyway, instead of reading my book on my MRT ride, am blogging instead because I had the thought to 1) blog more regularly2) have some pictures to brighten up my blog, heh

As posted in my FB, my artistic coffee shot 😛 …. Stopped by a Japanese Bakery Cafe at level 2 (Square 2) for a UCC coffee while waiting for sis to finish work ….

And a photo collage of my lunch (the western food stall that I always frequent at Fork & Spoon Foodcourt in Square 2), my UCC coffee, and the onion & vegetable bread I bought in order to enjoy the coffee at a discounted price of $1.90 ….


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