Its October

Didn’t manage to get down to blog as originally intended on Sunday evening after dinner … so entry ended up starting off October instead ……

Sunday evening was Mid-Autumn Festival aka 中秋节 which happens on 八月十五 (lunar calendar) – celebrated with the gang on Sat evening with potluck dinner, mooncakes and lanterns and went back home for dinner on Sunday after gym (especially after being out on Sat)  ….. Despite initial reservations (long story but now thinking aback, was PMS-ing quite badly over the past couple of weeks), enjoyed having lanterns (traditional paper ones) as it has been eons since I last did such an activity given that we no longer do that at home …. Mid-autumn festival in pictures below ……

On the work front, a pretty productive week for me that I can be pretty satisfied with. Managed to solve one issue (after a few emails and calls), and for the 1st time in a while, managed to complete a task without dread unlike the previous few times (should thank client X for last minute postponing the meet-up which freed up the time for me to get this done and over with) …… and starting to seriously doing a much-needed clearing of my work papers (at home) and getting some activity and tracking spreadsheets in order (not fully yet, but slowly getting there) …… Did have a bit of mixed feelings on some aspects of my work that crept up earlier in the course of last week,  will blog about that another time as intended it for a separate entry ……

On a random note, realised that I have been on a slight pasta overdrive 😛 …. After the previous Sat’s pasta @ Novena, had pasta dinner on Mon, pasta lunch @ Lenas on Wed and Aglio Olio during Sat potluck …… Random right?

Apart from my usual dose of Korean dramas (intend to do a separate update entry on that, if I do get down to doing so) ….. have been getting my dose of laughter via our current Youtube sensation – Dr Jiajia & Big Bro! Laughter aside, they do pretty good satires on current issues – with their most well known one being Snglish Minister!

Yahoo! article on them here

Official blog/homepage:


Last but not least the ‘infamous’ Snglish Minister video


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