Buffet Round 1

Went back yesterday (Sat) for my favourite Korean buffet @ Liang Seah Street (Arirang Korean Restaurant) ……

My 3rd time having this for lunch (and 2nd time in 3 months) …… The past 2 times that I have been here, didn’t manage to blog about it owing to procrastination 😛 ….. So this time round, made sure to take some pictures to make up for it …….

Didn’t stand up to get a more balanced and ‘perfect’ shot of the side dishes horizontally as was very hungry ….. The usual korean side dishes on the left and soups (Ginseng Chicken and Spicy Crab) on the right …… The Ginseng Chicken soup is a condensed version i.e comes without the sticky rice that you would enjoy if you have ordered it as a ala-carte ……

And of course the highlight of the buffet was the BBQ meats + perennial must have Bibimbap and Seafood Pancake!

Noted that we were quite full after these dishes and did not order anymore (same as last visit) …… Nevertheless for the price of $15.90++ per pax (around $19 in total), this is one of the best value-for-money Korean buffet deals around town, considering that its quite expensive to have ala-carte BBQ at well-known Korean restaurants such as Ju Shin Jung …….

Due to massage plans being screwed up, ending up this entry and heading into town for Spin now to round off my weekend (since C is not teaching next week)!


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