How To Stay Motivated Until You Succeed

Once again another ‘down’ week for me this week – all thanks to flu 😦

Stayed in at home to recover for the past 2 days (Wed & Thurs) as my flu got very bad on Tues while in office (C & CP were sneezing as well, sigh) ……

No picture post this time (having missed the deadline for the Weekly Picture of The Week post). While going through my ‘Personal’ folder on my laptop whilst looking for a file, happened to have found this old article, which I will like to re-produce here.

Managed to take some time on Monday evening to write out my weekly goals (for this week, it is all about working it backwards to pay it foward while for the 2nd half of Sept, it was more about being in control of time and activity). So I guess this comes in timely to keep me focused and going on what I have set out to do and want to acheive for this quarter ahead!


How To Stay Motivated Until You Succeed

For a lot of us our work schedules at home and at our jobs have been a major source of complications in our lives. Our financial well being depends on our paycheck, and our mental and emotional well-being depends in part on having a well-organized life.

But a few simple changes in your life can show you how to stay motivated until you succeed.

With so many demands being placed upon us, it becomes confusing as to where to place our priorities. Somewhere along the way, in the midst of all the uncertainties of our lives, we tend to lose our sense of motivation and instead choose the path of least resistance – procrastination.

Here are a few tips to get your life organized so you can become motivated until you succeed:

1. For most of us, a job is our means of financial support and contributes to our physical, mental and emotional health as well, so quitting your job is not an option for most.

The trick is to balance your job with your home life. This can be a challenging task but you can begin by cutting your workday to eight or nine hours a day to allow yourself more time at home.

If making changes in the number of hours you work is not possible for you, try simplifying in other areas to give you more time, energy and money; that is, if you live simply, you’ll not need as much money.

2. Even taking the simplest steps can reward you with more time and less stress. Such as changing your expectations of others (one less thing to worry about), dropping the call waiting feature on your telephone, and having simple holidays without much fuss or spending a lot of money.

3. Getting rid of the emotional garbage in your life such as anger, hatred, and forgiving those who need your forgiveness or mending broken relationships will help clear the way to show you how to stay motivated until you succeed by giving you back your time and energy.

Decide how you want your life to be. What do you need most in your life at this moment – energy, peace, quiet, tranquility, wisdom, spiritual growth?

Make a promise to yourself that you will achieve whatever you want, and then set about to make it happen.

4. Concentrate on what’s most important and prioritize your task list (this should be done both at your job and at home).

A good method is to place each item on your “to do” list in its proper perspective by having three lists: “MUST Be Done,” “Should Be Done,” and “Nice Things To Do.”

5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. The sheer volume of tasks in our daily lives is enough to make us want it to “just go away.”

As a result we procrastinate, thus losing our motivation. It is not a sign of incompetence or inefficiency to admit you need help.

Slow down, simplify, spend less, enjoy simple pleasures with your family that don’t cost a cent, and your life may become more beautiful, happier and fulfilling.

Getting organized and ridding yourself of things that are unnecessary are the first steps of learning how to stay motivated until you succeed.

Let your co-workers or your supervisor at work know you need help. At home, even the smallest child in your family can do simple tasks.

Once you place a value on each item you will quickly see that some things need not be done at all. In fact, the only time procrastination may pay off might be when everything on the “Nice Things To Do” list can all be marked off as unnecessary.


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