Adding Value

Back to wipe off some dust (as always) 😛

A very constant thought always on my mind (especially relating to my work) is on what to do my work better, and how to constantly improve on ‘Adding Value‘ ……

Recall there was once I posed a question to a fellow colleague asking him why is he so successful in this particular area of business. Rather than giving me a direct answer, he posed to me this question

“What is the value that you give to your client?”

Also, on the way to dinner on Friday evening, had a short conversation with B along the journey. As with increased expectations of clients these days and ‘responsible’ reporting in the mass media swaying consumer sentiment, a constant point that we have to reflect and improve on is “Have we provided enough value for client not to question us on our fees for advice?” ……

Anyway, came across this short write-up in FB yesterday:

Add Value

No matter what you do and where you go, you can’t go wrong with adding value. Simply put value is anything that people are willing to pay for. In your professional life, the more value you can offer the more money you can make.

In your personal life, more value translates to closer relationships and strong personal growth. The best way to add value is to find the intersection between what people are willing to pay for and what service or product you can offer that is aligned with your values, strengths and goals.
More food for thought as I get ready to head for Sunday spin!

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