The Happiness Test

Was doing some random surfing on the Oprah ( website instead of buckling down to write my ‘love letters’ aka important email to client and came across the below:

Was ‘curious’ enough to take the test after getting a tad riled up on whatsapp). Below are my results:

Your Result:
68 – 83 Getting There

This is a healthy score. If you want to take your happiness score to the next level, you need to recognize the difference between chasing after happiness and choosing happiness. Happiness is not outside you; it’s not a destination; and it’s not about “getting there.” When you stop chasing happiness, you allow yourself to be more present, more available and more open. This way you find happiness wherever you are.


Well, I can’t say I’m entirely happy and satisfied with ALL aspects of my life right now despite the relatively high score 😛 ……. But I can definitely say that I am still a work-in-progress i.e. working towards being comfortable in my own skin, being more self-aware and most imporantly learning to say ‘No’ and stand up to manipulative/mean/annoying/selfish behaviour (referencing J & S in this case).

Found another 2 great articles on the subject. Oprah’s website is a great read (if you need some motivational pek-me-ups there). I do subscribe to her quotes feed on twitter as well.

10 Happiness Quotes We Love

For the earlier piece written by Deepak Chopra, under the section ‘What Kind of Choices and Values Lead to Real Happiness?’ …… the following resonated with myself the most.

  • Taking enjoyment in natural beauty
  • Having a vision of personal fulfillment that you follow every day
  • Aiming for inner fulfillment rather than external fulfillment
  • Reducing stress
  • Taking time for peaceful reflection
  • Learning to love your own company, cultivating the self as a state of being
  • Stepping away from group think and second-hand opinions
  • Cultvating kindness and compassion
  • Seeing yourself as a part of a larger humanity, and humanity itself as an expression of the divine, despite our flaws

To end off, from the 2nd article, I personally feel this particular quote best sums up succintly the meaning of Happiness. In essence, happiness is a choice, not a by-product. It is well within our own power to make the choices best for ourselves!

“Happiness depends upon ourselves.” —Aristotle

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