December Seems Like A Very Short Month

8 days into December – the very last lap of year 2012! My earlier tweet sums up perfectly my thoughts about December to date ….


Ended off November in a frustrating & angry way (at work) .. Lets just say things have got to happen in order to begin December on a clean slate. Has been a very peaceful start to Dec so far, with the Standard Chartered Marathon (did Half Marathon this year) last Sunday .. followed by 2 days of break (1 post marathon break planned, 1 unplanned due to time of the month) .. 2 key meetings sorted in .. and minimal office time (7+ hours in total this week, which is less than 1 night of sleep :P) …… I have to say that the person up there did answer to my silent wish of wanting to spend less time outside office this week!

Am typing this entry as I’m on the train heading to Chinatown/Central area for some shopping catch-up and my hair spa appointment later. Just so many things on my mind, be it winter stuff to be bought before trip (will have to monitor the latest tsunami alerts), budgeting to be done by weekend, itinerary planning, packing & changing money by next week, the pile of work that needs to be cleared by next week, calendar deliveries (to clear as much as possible before trip, no repeat of year 2011 timing disaster), more packing & throwing (starting with home 1st), and getting it some workouts (forsee this will be challenging given the higher priority of various items stated above) …… A never ending list indeed!

Post-trip wise, it will be Christmas Eve (Mon 24th Dec), then Christmas followed by a short 3 days before the work week ends for year 2012! Really really short indeed! Time files quickly when you least want it ……..


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