Post Holiday Withdrawal Symptons

Back from my Japan trip ….

Before I start blogging travel recaps proper & finish posting trip photos on Facebook (have been slowly going about it as trying to cut down on repetitive & un-necessary photos :P) …. Going to attempt to recap what I have been doing post trip & into the Christmas hols ……

* Sunday meet-up & gift exchange with the girls @ Swissotel

* Catching up on sleep (came back on a Sat morning flight from Narita, 不够睡!)… I actually ended up sleeping at 1030pm on Sat, 11pm on Sun & 12+ on Mon. An excellent way to bring my body clock to healthier levels once & for all 😛

* Spending a lazy Christmas just lounging around, surfing Internet, watching dramas online, eating & snacking etc.

* Decided to take things real easy on Boxing Day yesterday (Wed 26th Nov) … went out to Star Vista to have lunch. Ended up with a mediocre bowl of tsukemen ramen @ Menya Musashi. I miss Japan lah!

As I’m typing this, the MRT is about to reach Bugis as I head into office to get the rest of the calendars sent out + attempt to clear other work stuff despite the fact that I feel totally switched off where work is concerned given such a short week. Really should’ve extended my trip by another 1-2 days lah 😛 …… Will go da bao my fav Yakun kopi-o for my afternoon coffee fix while working to lift up my mood 🙂


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