Last Day of 2012!

Looking at my super pathetic blog count for the month of December, and with less than 2 hours to go to the final end of year 2012 …. decided to pop in my last blog entry for year 2012!

Quiet countdown into year 2013 …… think it was pretty much the same last year too. Originally the gang had intentions to organise something for the new year (a cosy countdown like what we had in 2009) but plans fizzled out pretty fast as some of the group had other plans (then why bother to suggest & be enthusiastic about it) …… Well well …… Had always preferred a more relaxed and quiet countdown rather than heading to town to squeeze & watch fireworks (hate navigating through the crowds) so this is fine with me as well 😛

Taking a quick look back on 2012 as the KBS Drama Awards is playing on KBS World (thank you Starhub for the free channels preview!) …… despite not making any new year resolutions for year 2012 (surprise!) due to getting distracted by certain stuff which quickly on reflection was a bad judgement and poor time management on my part *ahem* …. am happy to say have acheived about 70% (rough estimate) on what I set out to do in my mind. The big major goals are always there at the back of my head whether written down or not, but I guess one small change I made is to make weekly/monthly/quarterly goals instead – which serve as activities needed to push foward the major goals ……

Raised my production despite not doing enough calls (have really slackened in this aspect, can imagine how much more I can do if I just consistently worked on this) …… Got a couple of quality referrals …… Got to see Lee Hom in concert (another major must-see concert off my list) ……Stuck to my plan and finished 3 half-marathons without any serious injury (timing is another matter though – will work on this aspect in 2013) ……

On the holiday front, I finally got to go to Japan! This is after talking about it since year 2010. Really glad that fate made it happen. So this is another ‘old’ resolution ticked off the list! Happy!

Didn’t get to stay in more constant touch with some of my friends and clients in my life as much as I would have preferred. Nevermind, another item to work on for year 2013. On the family front, am happy to note that relationships are more harmonious as we learn to be more patient with each other, and give and take better.

Right now, I just need to get my bio-clock back to ‘Japan mode’ again and get myself back into ‘chiong’ mode (after a longer than planned post christmas break). Only 5 months left into the 2nd half of our banding/production year! And also get down to writing my new year resolutions proper for year 2013!


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