Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

Sneaking in a post at work 😛

Has been a while since I participated in any of the weekly photo challenges + since I have yet to get down to blogging my holiday entries, will make use of this opportunity to get going on that + log in my 1st post of year 2013!

Since Japan is a land of illuminations (they have lots of Christmas themed illuminations during the time I was there – http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e2303.html), I will post up 2 of my favourites which I happened to have done up in collage format on my iPhone as well.

1. Rainbow Bridge & Statue of Liberty

IMG_3507[1]Took this series of pictures at the observatory outside of Decks Shopping Centre, which stretches all the way till Aquacity (another huge shopping centre beside Decks).

Its pretty amazing as by as walking across different positions on the observatory itself, I get the Statue of Liberty left, centre, right. In addition, the Rainbow Bridge is illuminated in rainbow hue (which does not happen all 365 days of the year, as I found out online recently). Further, managed to capture the lighted up Tokyo Tower in the pictures as well 🙂

2. Christmas Illumination @ Tokyo Midtown

IMG_3511[1]This is the annual Christmas illumination show @ Tokyo Midtown (just around the corner from Roppongi Hills).

Pictures only tell part of the story. If you were there in person, the show itself is spectacular! Found a video on youtube to illustrate this!


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