Immediate Goals & Longer Term Resolutions

Finally got out of the house, hopped on to the MRT & blogging this now ….

Took a small 1 step by booking a Sunday Spin Class (1st one in past 3 months I think) – to gradually increase my workout threshold to 2-3 workouts per week and rebuild my base fitness levels for year 2013 and beyond … Hence this blog as I head into town. One item ticked off 🙂

As mentioned in previous blog entries, nowadays, I break down my goals into smaller daily/weekly/bi-weekly ones that are more immediate and action-based – overall less daunting as well. Of course, will resume penning down the longer term broader resolutions as well (i.e big picture goals) ….

Now for the immediate ones 1st,

1. Open up my spare iPhone portable battery & start charging it to be ready for use. Had bought it on Ooo10/Gmarket during Christmas but still yet to open it up due to laziness & procrastination


2. Finish up 2 pieces of work that I originally set out to complete by Friday. This will come 1st before the next piece of paperwork that has to be in by tomorrow (Note: My bad habit of pushing off what I dread is recurring again. A complicated reasoning behind why I dread it.)

3. Work-based again. This time round to clear my GI Lodgement to date before the clock strikes 12 midnight. Then start a spreadsheet for GI policy listings & renewals (Part 1 of data mining project that I had originally intended for Q4 2011).

4. Kickstart my reading habit again. And 1st things 1st, finish up this book that I am supposed to finish in year 2012! 😛

IMG_26355. Finish uploading my trip photos on FB & start blogging about it (before the memories get too distant) 😛

6. Sleep early tonight! PPI focus group in office @ 10am tmr!

I think this is all for now as my MRT has reached Orchard! Gonna grab a bite at 313 1st before heading to the gym!


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