Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

Whilst still having Sunday’s entry sitting in the drafts, decided to use the weekly challenge theme to get some pictures up from my Japan trip 🙂

Did a quick run through of my photos. While last week’s photo challenge theme was on Illuminations (which Japan has aplenty of, especially during Christmas season), this week’s theme was a little more challenging. Nevertheless, I found 2 pictures that I felt did bring out the theme of ‘looking beyond’ ……

1. Mount Fuji – From Tokyo Metropolitian Government Building Observation Deck

DSCF8091Tokyo is also a land of observatories/observation decks. As you can see from the above picture, by stretching out from Shinjuku all the way to the mountainous regions, Mount Fuji is in view! Amazing huh! A clear view (considering that the views I got in Hakone were not even that clear) – but very heavily snow-capped!

2.  Lake Ashi

DSCF7399Took this when I reached the end of the ropeway at Tougendai Station.This is the view of Lake Ashi when I stood at one of the station windows to take this picture. Gives you the peaceful feeling and does make you wonder what is beyond that vastness of the lake 🙂

Decided to just focus on the intepretation of this picture and not comment on my cruise experience up and down the lake. You can find more information of the lake here on wikipedia – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lake_Ashi.


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