Tom Hopkins Article

Came across 2 articles from Tom Hopkins (P/S: He’s a sales teacher/guru) earlier.

Understand Your Potential Client’s Fear When Selling Financial Services (link here)

Thought the above article is pretty apt as I go into the last ‘cheong’ lap before banding year closes off in June. F.E.A.R can be such a stinker at times isn’ t it.

As mentioned in the article, there are 2 aspects to FEAR.

From the salesperson’s point of view (Extract):

” What do salespeople fear? We fear saying or doing things that may halt a potential sale.”

This is very true. Despite this year being my 10th anniversary in this business, I still have this fear from time to time.

From the client/prospect/potential’s point of view (Extract):

” The prospect is initially afraid of you …. They have a fear of making a mistake …. They fear being lied to …. Many people are afraid of losing face …. Your decision-makers may have had bad past experience with a salesperson or with a product like yours …. Their fear may be based on third-party information ….. “

Very often, what holds people from making a decision on what they need to do is the fear (of being sold something not suitable), being lied to (ties with 1st point),bad past experience (understanable) but third party information (i.e. misleading comments from friends, loved ones, blogs, mass media etc.) is the worst of all as it is very hard to overcome objections when someone’s idea is already fixed and not open to other ideas.

The very last piece of advice as below:

” You must be prepared to do whatever it takes to replace any fears they may have with confidence in the decision they’re making and in the service you will provide.”

I suppose this is more straightfoward rather than always saying “Have I addressed your concerns?” – which sounds more diplomatic!

Need to be mindful of this …… starting from now!


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