Lazy & ‘Spin-less’ Sunday

2nd Sunday in a row post CNY that I ended up sleeping in again till afternoon πŸ˜›

The exact same cycle – woke up to go toilet/washroom ….. and went back to sleep again till lunchtime/early afternoon (1-2+pm) …… Was in 2nd day of ‘time of the month’ + heavy rain last Sunday, thus the perfect excuse to skip usual Sunday spin …. But no excuse this time, just plain laziness. Would have made the push to travel all the way down to Orchard if C was teaching as usual πŸ˜›

At least this week was better. Went back to office yesterday afternoon to get the last bit of work done as I left office early on Friday (610pm) for dinner outing. Just realized that this was the 1st Saturday in year 2013 that I’m back in the office on a Saturday afternoon …… Must try to make an effort to reach earlier in the morning as the central air-conditioning is till 1pm on Saturday. It was really hot yesterday, so stayed till 6+ before heading home just to avoid the blazing sun!

Am probably going to relax a bit, catch up with some drama (started on Yawang, but haven’t been able to stream episode 6 properly for the entire week) …. Do some packing (continuing the pruning & clearance post CNY) since I managed to free up some space in the storeroom pre CNY …. Get working on some stuff (i.e update some insurance comparison) that I didn’t get to do earlier in the week …. Update my outlook …. Update my data mining/tracking lists …… And of course catch up on my blogging πŸ˜›


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