Japan 2012: Day 1 Yokohama Part 3

After so long, still at Day 1. Things are getting busier at work as we go into the last lap of the banding year …… Hence part 3 took so long, and extending into March 😛

From where I last left off …. Took a long stroll down Kishamachi Promenade to my next destination – Landmark Tower! Reached closed to 630pm and proceeded to the Sky Garden Observatory on the 69th floor. This will be the 1st of the many observatories I were to visit in the course of 5 days in Japan, heh ……

My 1st view upon getting off the lift

DSCF7153Being winter, everything is pitch dark, thus missed out on capturing the ‘golden hour’ i.e. the transition from sunset to night. Given that it is also night time, no chance to catch a clear view of Mount Fuji ……

A bit of history here – The Sky Garden Observatory is 253 metres high,and is the tallest observatory in Japan. It also has the fastest elevator in Japan, running at 750m/min – thus the ride up to 69th floor took only 40 seconds. Japan technology is indeed amazing!

Reference: http://www.yokohama-landmark.jp/skygarden/web/english/

Landmark Tower 1Started to go one round the observatory. There’s a caricature shop and the Sky Cafe – where you can eat/have a drink/chill out to Yokohama views. Cool right!

Landmark Tower 2Chanced upon this exhibition. It was to commemorade a veteran JPop singer’s 40th anniversary. Her name is Yuming – no idea who. Apart from a gallery of her pictures, and the playing of her songs and performance clips (did not take pictures for those) ….. Notably they had some of her stage costumes on display too, as seen at the bottom.

Was actually hungry after going a few rounds of taking photos (plus that long long walk all the way from Yamashita to Red Brick Warehouse to Landmark Tower) …… Saw a seat clearing and so elected to have my dinner from the Sky Cafe, with a view of Yokohama at night ……

DSCF7188Not much choices at the Sky Cafe, so settled for this pasta cum coffee set (since I missed my afternoon coffee so might as well :P) for 900 JPY+ ……. The ala carte pasta itself was 800+ JPY, so might as well take this set of the day special for 100 JPY more. It is a crab roe pasta, lightly seasoned in a typically japanese way. Would’ve tried their Sky Cafe cocktail/mocktail blend (in line with the night scenery) if I weren’t so hungry and so in need of coffee ……

And of course, not forgetting the 360-degree night views of Yokohama & beyond …..

Landmark Tower Views iPhoneThis is the ‘clearer’ series of pictures taking with my iPhone. You can see the Cosmo World Ferris Wheel lighted up in diferent colours …… as well as the theme park oppoite the Ferris Wheel – flanked by 2 major hotels Intercontinental (you can’t miss this building which is shaped like a yacht) and Pan Pacific. Imagine the gorgeous view you would have enjoyed from staying in one of these 2 hotels 😛

Landmark Tower 3The top 2 photos are actually the descriptions on the panels (that you can adjust from daytime to night time mode)  – stretching out from World Porters and Red Brick Warehouse on the right (with the Yokohama Bay Bridge in the background) … right down to Yamashita Park, Harbor View Park, Chinatown, Yamate, Motomachi and Yokohama Stadum …… As for the bottom picture, there was a bit of cropping (due to collage size) but it captures from World Porters, Navios, Red Brick Warehouse, Zou-no-Hana Park right up to the lighted up Osanbashi Pier! Touched up the photo a fair bit with the help of Fotor 🙂

Pacifico Touch UpBehind Intercotinental was Pacifico – a huge convention centre cum music venue right in the heart of Minato Mirai 21. Had some fun with the photo editing feature of Fotor to brighten up the original image to give it a more illuminated effect …….

Landmark Tower 4 Towards the main Yokohama Bay / Yokohama station area …….

Left the observatory around 745pm. When the lift reached Landmark Tower Level 2, looked out to this. Expected a more crowded mall (was told later it is because of winter that everyone goes home and stays indoor right after work) …….

DSCF7190Decided that since the young is still young at 8 …. will make full use of my 500 JPY Minato-Mirai pass (MM & Main JR Line) to make a trip back to Chinatown ……

On the way to the Minato Mirai station, passed by this pretty light-up/illumination @ Queens Square …….


This time round, took right to the last station of the Minato-Mirai line – Motomachi Chukagai …. Walked out from the underpass and the gate to Chinatown was right there. Should have came by this station instead of walking over from Yamate, oh well …… Anyway Chinatown at night seemed a bit more ‘happening’, although its the same thing, not too crowded on a Monday night ……

Chinatown RevisitedYokohama Kocho

Managed to chance upon Kocho after a short walk! Was highlighted in the Yokohama Visitor’s guide that Kocho is well-known for its cheap take-away chinese food especially the da bao and dumplings. Walked in and got myself some take-away dumplings (will probably eat it back in the hotel room for supper) ….. Briefly chatted with a chinese server (a china student studying in Japan & working part-time there), apparently the shop closes at 9pm. That’s pretty early …….

After getitng my dumplings, mission accomplished! One last thing I gotta do …….

Navios Seamen's ClubSince I am not staying at Navios, the next best thing to do is to get a drink at the iconic International Seamen’s Club overlooking into the harbour 🙂 …. Wasn’t intending to drink alcohol but the most value for money drink at 600 JPY was the Suntory house special, and so got myself a Suntory Premium Malt (Non-Alcoholic) …… Pretty cool that the Japanese do have non-alcoholic beer options, make for one refreshing drink after a long day of walking!

Navios Seamen Suntory iPhone Instragram

From where I am seated at the bar counter, am able to see Red Brick Warehouse in the background …..

After this last stop for the day, took a slow walk down Kishamichi Promenade once again. The weather forecast finally came true – abeilt a slight drizzle only. Took a slow slow walk and turned right to take the train from Sakuragicho Station (JR) back to hotel. Reached Yokohama station around 1030pm – the departmental store supermarkets were closed by then so no supermarket take-away to buy. Was so totally knocked out after a long day that went to bed immediately after shower at around 1130pm without going through the iternary for the next day ……

** Phew! Finally finished updating this after being in the draft for almost a week! 😛


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