Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime

A weekly photo challenge to lure me out of my blogger’s block once again 😛

Am a believer that a good lunch often sets the tone for the day – be it a busy work weekday or even a Saturday …..

1. Lunch Set @ Blu Jazz Cafe (Arab St.)


This was about 3 Tuesdays back, when we went for group lunch after product focus group @ Arab St. One of the rare occasions where we lunch in a huge group …. My 1st time there despite being at Gateway office for 2 years+ …. For $12, you get a full lunch set consisting of mushroom soup (no picture), sirloin steak, a small cheese brownie cake that was totally melt in the mouth & a lavazza brew / black coffee, and of course the post instragram effects does make the food look really good eh …. Really value for money & also a nice lunch in relaxed cafe atmosphere (time is not a luxury as always) ……

2. Normal / Standard Fare For Lunch


The above is basically what I’ll have on a daily basis – cheap, fast and good (not to mention filling as well). Going from top left, clockwise order – my once/twice a week pasta for carbo loading (near workout/run days espcially) …… one of my favourite tze char (hokkien mee) from Amoy Food Centre …… the value for money, tasty & very healthy Yong Tau Foo from basement foodcourt (at Gateway East) …… and if weather and mood permits, will walk down Beach Road to this dingy old coffee shop for the famous Blanco Court Fish Soup (I usually get the mian xian with fish slices, plus plenty of spinach in the soup) ……


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