Changes & Maiden Entry On My iPad

Finally got myself an iPad 3 Fridays ago during IT Fair. And so 1 item down my Year 2013 list 🙂

With iPad in tow now, since last week (Week 3 March), I have started to make some small changes to my usual routine/daily habits …. Notably no more lugging the heavy laptop to and fro office …. Figured spending $900+ on an iPad is necessary for increased productivity and for health reasons – namely to relieve the stress on my back (from carrying laptop to and fro) as I start to feel the strain on my back in my daily life (when sleeping and even when running) …… It really feels good carrying less weight and helps quite a fair bit in wasting less time to get ready in the mornings (increased motivation to head to office earlier now) …. Next thing to work on will be to increase my weekday workouts/gym sessions to twice a week given that I don’t have excuse of a heavy laptop bag anymore (thus no excuse of not packing the gym bag :P) ……

Managed to figure out how to make Dropbox work better on my iPad (starting to load in some key work files) ….. Next step will be to find out which apps (preferbably free) allow me to do editing of MS Office files (Home Desktopdoes not have MS Office) …….

Heading in to office while writing this ….. Despite my earlier comment about starting work earlier, didn’t manage to do so today as was trying to figure out the internet banking for one of my bank accounts (the procedures/steps seem very troublesome) and a client call came in as well – thus only left the house at 1+ …. Will stay later today (till around 9) since I’m not lugging laptop home anymore and do my run tommorrow instead after 2 back-to-back training …..


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