Early Start

Woke up early (9am) for the 2nd day in a row 😛 …..

Had a product refresher/Q&A at head office yesterday …. and ‘supposed’ to head to Singpost Building @ Paya Lebar for PD Day (consolidated training) this morning. Snoozed and snoozed my alarm as usual …. woke up and decided that its too much hassle to pack, get changed within 1/2 hour and hence no more PD Day for me!

But still, good to wake up early and get going. Am happy that I blasted out a new term promotion last night/this morning before sleeping, hence another tick off my mailing list. Will have some time to make a few calls and go through afternoon’s meeting materials again (Better preparation), blog …… and enjoy a nice lunch in town, heh!

So now checking facebook, doing some reading/surfing (hardwarezone forums, checking out microsoft office versions) and getting a blog entry up. Finally managed to get together an entry for April, given that end of April is approaching ….. Time passes real fast when you least want it to be so …….

Crazy me has been bringing back laptop almost everyday for the past 2 weeks despite having an iPad now – so that am able to get a bit more work done before bedtime ….. Also brought it back last night, as I need it for review appointment later ……

Have been out of Kpop for quite a while now and listening to Cantopop mainly these days (more on that in my next blog entry – which I will make sure I finish before April closes) …… Nevertheless thought to start off my morning with something energetic – Big Bang’s Gara Gara Go! Still like their older material a lot more 😛

Wow! Its almost 12 (1145am to be exact) …. Better get going!


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