Week 5 April

Starting up an entry whilst waiting for my lunch @ a food centre in Bugis (Albert St) ……

Hectic end to April. Technically 2 more days before May beckons …… Only realized late last week (Fri) that Wed is a public holiday (May 1st Labour Day). Indeed a very much needed public holiday to catch up on personal pursuits + a work appointment that I did not manage to set for last weekend!

Good problem perhaps …… Before I can finally sit down & start to follow up proper on various work matters discussed, already have people coming back to me & ‘chasing’ …… Fingers crossed that it all translates into a ‘bountiful harvest’ in time for close of banding year! 😀

While waiting a good 15 min, thought might be a good idea to jot down what needs to be done in office today ……

1. Finish up the comparison from last Sat & email out proposal to client

2. Portfolio rebalancing matters for same client – firm up by tonight latest

3. Portfolio rebalancing matters for N – called today to ‘chase’

4. Wed appt stuff – doing it up today instead due to lunch appt tomorrow & workout plans on tue evening

5. Tmr lunch appt that was fixed only today – printouts.

6. A much needed run for tmr evening esp.after skipping Spin yesterday (Sunday)

7. Finish up 2 intended blog entries for April

Do not intend to lug laptop back tonight as well (2 weeks of lugging back and forth is seriously enough) …… so gota have to work fast when getting back to office!

Before I end up, after 15 min of waiting, my lunch is finally here! Cheap ($3) and easy to eat hor fun from Four Seas Zhu Chao that is pretty popular …….



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